“Mod’Spé Paris is a fashion merchandising school situated in the center of Paris, France. If you are more interested in the merchandising side of fashion than the design side and you are studying French, this could be an excellent opportunity for you to experience something different but very rewarding.
I am currently finishing my studies at Mod’Spé Paris after having spent two semesters at URI. I can say that being able to go to a different country and learning from a different point of view has given me an obvious advantage for my future. A company always appreciates someone with an open mind and qualities or knowledge that will differentiate them from the others. Studying abroad will definitely give you that little something extra that will make the difference when you’re applying for a job.
Mod’Spé Paris’ biggest asset in my opinion is that the professors are all professionals at the same time. They all work in the textiles or fashion industry so that they can give real life examples in their classes. You will learn about supply chain management, merchandise buying, textiles, visual merchandising, fashion history, marketing, sourcing, quality control…
Not only will you be able to learn so many different things about the fashion industry, you will get to do that while being in Paris, the capital of fashion. “