I had internship in fashion company called “Steilmann“. Steilmann Prague is the exclusive distributor of fashion brands of the German-Italian Steilmann Holding AG group. Its products of men’s and women’s fashion can be found in all major cities both in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia. Within the Czech Republic, Steilmann Prague operates a network of its own branded stores, but the goods are also available in many other locations thanks to contracts with business partners. Thanks to this system, Steilmann’s branded products are represented in shopping malls, department stores or specialized shops in individual city centres. Czech and Slovak consumers can meet a wide range of brands from the Steilmann Holding AG portfolio – Steilmann, Stones, Apanage and Kapalua.



During my internship, I had the opportunity to observe the overall operation of the companies from the preparation of collections (start-up phase, selection of fabrics, receipt of new apparel in the warehouse, receipt and arrangement of the clothes in the store, and sales of clothes in individual Steilmann´s stores). As part of the internship, I created The Lookbooks and The Illustrated Dictionary of Fabrics. I saw a lot of fabrics that were used to create collections. I also had access to fabrics for next season spring/summer 2018. During the internship I did an administrative task, more precisely I did VIP cards for customers. I also devoted myself to visual merchandising – how to create a store design. I was in charge of the visual aspect of the whole shop, the arranging of the shop window or the mannequins, the display of the merchandise in the shop and the monitoring of the continuous rotation of the goods. Now I know that up to 80% of human’s perception is based on visual contact, and this is the reason why to act on a potential customer just through the nice “appearance” of the shop. I really like this part of my internship. I could use my creativity and I learnt a lot.



I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet friendly staff of company, too. During my internship, I was also able to use knowledges, which I learnt at MOD´SPE Paris Central Europe. I think I learnt a lot of how it works in the fashion company. I gained a lot of experiences and that is important for me, because I know that I will use it in the future.

Benedikta Biroščáková / Internship – Steilmann / 10.07-10.08.2017