Fashion Product Manager – Title RNCP Level II

Our Fashion product manager program is intended for students with an education on the level of school-leaving exams. It prepares powerful professionals in marketing, business administration and purchasing for businesses in fashion branches in positions of project manager, purchaser, head of development, collection manager, business marketing, organizer of distribution networks, etc…

Throughout this program, you will be placed in a professional situations especially via management of marketing research or development of a collection but also through regular exchange with professionals from fashion industry.

The study program “Fashion Product Manager” is recorded in the French National Register of Professional Certificates (RNCP) level II (school-leaving exams BAC+3) on the basis of a ministerial ordinance published in the bulletin Journal Officiel from 27 August 2013.

Examples of professions for this course

Chef de produit

De la conception à la vente en boutique, le Fashion product manager est responsable du développement des collections. Connaissant les tendances de la mode, le positionnement de ses concurrents, les attentes des clients et maîtrisant les objectifs de sa société, il élabore un plan de collection. Il impulse et coordonne les activités des responsables de la création, de la fabrication, de la commercialisation et de la promotion.

Responsable de collection

Il assure la coordination du travail des équipes de stylisme et de modélisme, il gère la sélection et la réception des tissus de collection et veille au respect du calendrier de création sous la responsabilité de la Direction Artistique ou de la Direction Générale.


Il construit une offre en adéquation avec l’espace de vente, le positionnement de l’enseigne et le consommateur. Il gère la sélection des collections, prospecte, négocie avec les fournisseurs et suit les budgets. L’acheteur de matières premières conclut les achats des tissus et fournitures nécessaires à la fabrication des produits. Il prospecte les marchés et recherche les meilleures sources d’approvisionnement en fonction des objectifs de l’entreprise.


Il assure une présentation attractive et cohérente des produits sur le point de vente, dans le respect de l’identité visuelle de chaque magasin. Son objectif prioritaire est d’augmenter la rentabilité du linéaire.

Objectives of the 1st year

The first year of the Fashion Product Manager study program enables the spreading of knowledge and technical skills in the field of fashion products and to connect them with other fashion products (perfumes, cosmetic products…) and also to enrol as a student-professional into managing of a specific project in real life conditions.

Program of the 1st year in detail


  • History of costume and fashion
  • Sociology applied to fashion and luxury
  • Fashion trends
  • Collections study
  • Introduction to modelling
  • Introduction to fashion design
  • Introduction to a fashion sketch


  • The fundamentals of marketing / Consumer behavior
  • Collection development strategy
  • Fashion groups’ strategy (from design to distribution)
  • Overview of e-commerce
  • Key players and careers in fashion and luxury industry
  • Economic environment in fashion industry


  • General Economy
  • Graphic design (Photoshop/Illustrator)
  • Business English
  • Oral and written communication
  • Computer science (Excel)


  • Internship / Internship report or analytical work on the fashion industry

Objectives of the 2nd year

The second year of the study is likewise intended for students with a school-leaving exam BAC+3 years of post-graduate study who demonstrates that they have the necessary foundations. A fashion product manager, as the main collection manager, is involved in all phases of its development. During this year, through a module of professional life, the entire process of a collection runs from end-to-end – from market research, through strategic directing, preparing a plan for the collection, organization of production, logistics and operation marketing – and you are considered to be the actual product manager throughout.

Program of the 2nd year in detail


  • Internship / Internship report


  • Textiles technologies
  • Fabrics features and particularities
  • Industrial products study
  • Textiles and their use in collections
  • Topical issues in Fashion and Luxury


  • Fashion and luxury marketing
  • Applied statistics
  • E-marketing strategies
  • Sustainable development
  • E-marketing
  • International sourcing


  • Overview of distribution channels
  • Brand management and promotion
  • Distribution channels management
  • Quantitative management skills


  • Trademarks and distribution law
  • Graphic design (Photoshop / Illustrator)
  • Technical English
  • Financial and accounting management

Objectives of the 3rd year

This year of course will help you to increase knowledge and technical skills in the position of professional student managing a project in real life conditions. Fully-fledged orchestrator of a collection, Product Manager is involved in all stages of its development. This is what will be finalized during this year through the module of placement in professional situation, collection process: from the market analysis to strategic direction, collection plan development, through production organization and logistics and operational marketing, the student is reaching the level of real Product Manager.

Program of the 3rd year in detail


  • Quality management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Accessories
  • Topical issues in Fashion and Luxury


  • International marketing
  • Brand strategies, luxury brands particularities
  • Innovation process
  • Purchasing function
  • Negotiations (suppliers, clients, banks)
  • Communication in fashion


  • Export procedures
  • Trade policy and strategy
  • Business games (Management, product launch)
  • Operational merchandising
  • Strategic merchandising
  • Business plan


  • Process of collection
  • Marketing studies
  • Marketing support for Fashion Design Majors fashion show
  • Team management
  • Internship / Internship dissertation

Professional experiences

Application in practice and professional experience are the main points of study at MOD´SPE Paris Central Europe. Professional practice lasts from 2 to 6 months, according to the year in which you study. The school employment office is in close contact with businesses of this sector and helps students search for suitable practice.

Conditions of admission

The progamm Fashion Product Manager can be integrated by:

  • Candidates at the minimum endorsed school-leaving exams, level BAC+2 (L2, L3, BTS, DUT or Professional Licence) specialised in marketing, management, commerce, arts and textiles or design-modelling. Other training profiles may be selected depending on candidate motivation.
  • Candidates at the endorsed level BAC+3 specialised in fashion.

Fluency in English language is required

Admission to the MOD´SPE Paris Central Europe program “Fashion Product Manager” takes place in two phases: review of the candidate application, then written English test if needed and a motivational interviewing.

Deadlines for submissions:

  • 1 February 2019
  • 8 March 2019
  • 2 April 2019
  • 7 June 2019

Recruiting sessions dates for EU candidates:

  • 7 February 2019
  • 14 March 2019
  • 9 April 2019
  • 13 June 2019

For individual assignment upon request during the whole year.

For non EU students we advise to apply before 2 April 2019 because of the 3 month visa procedures.

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Topic: Luxury meets streetwear

Deadline: 15 June, 2019

Requirements: Application form and Admission test successfully done

For more info do not hesitate to contact us

School fees

Tuition fees are set at 8.250 Euros per year for the candidates from the EU and at 10.700 Euros for the non-EU candidates. This amount is split into 2 due dates. The 2 school fees cheques are requested at the registration.

For the direct admissions in 2nd year of Fashion Product Manager program, the cost of schooling is set at 9.350 Euros for the candidates from the EU* and at 12.200 Euros for the non-EU candidates. This amount is split into 2 due dates. The 2 school fees cheques are requested at the registration.

If the application is accepted, payment of the registration fee is requested as its administrative confirmation. This payment is repaid only when cancellation of the application on grounds of the force majeur or in case of failing to earn diploma allowing admission to the MOD´SPE Paris Central Europe. In all cases, an evidence will be required.

And after ?

At the end of this diploma training (RNCP certification level II), you can continue your studies within the MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe by specializing in:

  • Fashion Products Development Director