September 13, 2016, Bratislava – The fate of fashion lies in the hands of those who live it. Those who want a peek behind the scenes of the fashion business can learn more about which trends will lead in the coming season. The fashion university MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe, the only one of its kind in Central Europe, begins its first school year, 2016-2017, on the premises of Hviezdoslavovo Square 20, in Bratislava.
Bratislava was chosen not only for its position in Central Europe, but also because of the atmosphere which prevails in the capital. “I am happy and proud that Bratislava is just the place where MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe will operate. I am convinced that Bratislava is not only a unique location in the heart of Central Europe which attracts English-speaking students, but also has a great atmosphere which is positive, friendly and accessible to them, “says Jana Lalová, Director of Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe.




The school begins its activities in September with the opening of a three-year study programme, Production manager for Fashion Marketing and Design. “The official opening of the school is on September 19, as well as in Paris,” explains Silvia Paveková, Academic Director of Mod’Spe Paris CE. She added that the school follows the French system which is essentially European, and so the academic year is divided into winter and summer semesters. “Most of the teachers are from France who cover vocational subjects. For general subjects such as graphic design, general economics, or the history of clothing, we have Slovak teachers. However, everybody teaches in English,” she explained.
In the first year, students obtain knowledge from the culture of fashion and product specialization (the history of fashion, trends in fashion, introduction to fashion design and others), followed by marketing in fashion (the principles of marketing, an overview of e-commerce, economic environment in the fashion industry and others), general theory (economics, graphic design, business English and others) and of course practical experience. The second year is dedicated to sales and distribution (an overview of distribution channels, promotion and brand management, quantitative management skills as well.).




Interest in the program has been expressed by fashion enthusiasts not only upon graduation from secondary school, but also upon completion of university. Therefore, the average age of students is between 19-40 years. The students are mainly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also come from Nigeria, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.
Students accepted into the program have to pass an entrance examination which simultaneously screens their language skills, personality and provides a general overview.
One of them is 19-year-old Petra Špaková who can boast of a scholarship to this prestigious fashion school. Her project, “Paris in Bratislava” won and secured her future for the next three years. The fashion world has always attracted her and this is why it was an easy decision to fill-out the college application. “I decided to send the application for a number of reasons. The prestigious location of the school, obtaining a French diploma, work placements, the previous achievements of its graduates and their quick employment in the best fashion companies. Moreover, it is at an international level. “




In addition to theory, students will have required practical training where they will choose which direction they want to go in the field. Professional practical training lasts from 2-4 months in each year of the program. “Our subjects are dedicated to fashion and design, but the greatest emphasis will be placed on marketing and management. This is its specificity. Of course, they must know as much as possible about the fashion world and applying it during their practical training would be best for them, “ states Silvia Paveková. Simply put, education is associated with practical experience.
Studying at the fashion school is unique in that it builds on the principles of a dual education. “The knowledge gained from the fashion industry will allow them to test for themselves the leading brand names in fashion companies with whom the school closely cooperates with”, says Fabrice Raoul, coordinator of interstate internships for Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe. “MOD’SPE Paris develops talents, professional skills for marketing and sales strategies, purchasing and communication in fashion and design with the help of industry experts,” adds Daniel Wertel, director and founder of MOD’SPE Paris and the first vice president of the French Federation of prêt à porter (ready-to-wear) women’s clothing.


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