Petra, the winner of scholarschip at MOD’SPE PARIS CE has revealed why she decided to participate and strive for the fashion and business excellence to win. She succeded and her story will soon become the part of our school’s history. Let’s read interview how it all started.

So Petra, tell us more about yourself. Where did you study, where are you from…?
To introduce myself, my name is Petra Spakova and I am 19 years old. I came from a fairly small village in the eastern part of Slovakia. After finishing my mandatory education in primary school , I succesfully graduated from the high school this year.
Alongside regular education, I attended additional English and German classes which I finished by passing the language certificates. In addition, I gained a diploma from Art School after 11 years of study. In general , I perceive myself as an active person having many hobbies and interests.

Why did you choose MOD’SPE PARIS CE ?
There were many facts which pushed me to submit an application – its history, location, previous achievements and high quality. I love the fact that school is internationl. I believe that all these school’s strenghts will help me to get closer to my future plans and dreams.

Your project impressed jury. Where did its idea come from?

The topic Paris in Bratislava was perfect! It was not easy as I thought at the beginning. I immediately started to think about it. I had many ideas, but I was not pretty sure, which one to pick up to keep the jury on my side. I followed my heart and simply put my first idea on the paper.
Many positive and negative things are happenning in the world at the moment. The nationalities can collaborate together and create something nice and spectacular. Good vibes from both sides (Bratislava – Paris) have glued together. I thought to give it a final touch by using 3 colours of the French and the Slovak flag could have been a good idea. Logo and the final product of my project was born and it seemed to be right step.

What are you looking forward at MOD’SPE PARIS CE mostly ?
I would love to get closer to the world of fashion, new challenges and get to know new school mates. I had the great time on the day of my first interview. Studying might not be always easy, but for me, it is the perfect opportunity how to see new places, reach and overcome my own limits. I can`t wait facing the new experience I was always dreaming about.

What would you like to do after graduation?

I would like to stay in the fashion industry. I am sure, there are a lot of job opportunities, where I can use my education and acquired skills. At the moment, I would love to become fashion buyer.


What would you like to achieve in your life?
At the moment I feel that I am living my dream. Being accepted to the bachelor studying program means to me a lot. I am very thankful that I decided to take a chance to study what I like and that I can follow my dreams. I would love to always stay positive, believe in my ideas, to create nice things and be grateful for every opportunity which given to me.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion influences my life every day. I can express my feelings, ideas and my personality through i. It is something what I am deeply passionate about. Fashion is personal, valuable, innovative and simply arty. According to these facts, it is an unique way to say who we are without having to speak. It may bring people, interests and ideas together. It is a part of my life, it is a part of me.

What kind of fashion style do you prefer?
I love simplicity with a pinch of extravagance. However, the most important factors are my mood and my personal feelings. The way I feel, the way I dress. Combining new fashion trends with old-style pieces can create quite fashionable look for example. Stylish, chic, and trendy. That is how I love to dress and to be dressed.

And what does inspire you?
The fashion fantasy and the creativity without any borders.