Creative laboratory FabLab is considered to be an opened platform for designers, developers, artists, students and general public. It offers the space for familiarizing with work and technologies of digital fabrication of 21. century. As a new revolutionary project in Slovakia, it reflects the Slovak and French partnership. Our students had an opportunity to see the special techniques of producing using FabLab machines.




At first, when we came the atmosphere was very friendly. Our course started with the presentation of FABLAB. We received the information about the world of technology. The FABLAB expert explained us the whole proces of producing the new innovative and various objects. The successful process of making is based on 4 steps :

1. The right idea
2. Construction
3. Prototype
4. Final product

The second part of our course was about showing us the working rooms, which were full of professional machines, lasers and the final products. What was more, we could have tried to build up our own project, which we transported to 3D printer. Regarding the settings of 3D printer, we were able to change the surface, proportions and the colours of our final product. Presently, 3D printers are deeply connected with the graphic design, which we are studying at MOD´SPE PARIS Central Europe – Fashion Business School in our first semester of studies. Using our knowledge, the pinch of creativity and the power of 3D printer we made a high heel shoe as our first final object.




As a result, FABLAB definitelly encouraged and supported our creativity, experimentation and innovation. It gave us the possibility to pursue and realize our ideas.

By Petra Špaková, 1st year “Fashion Product Manager” Bachelor student