“You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” People are learning every day and that is why this internship was really one of the best experience I have ever had. Thanks to MOD´SPE Paris Central Europe I had a chance to have intenship in the fashion company that is called Steilmann s.r.o.
Steilmann AG is a family-owned fashion company with an unique DNA and a rich heritage. One of the branches of Steilmann AG is Steilmann s.r.o. that is located in Prague-Čestlice, where I was working for the duration of one month as a trainee. Steilmann s.r.o. is offering men´s and women´s clothing of high quality.
Because of the fact that Steilmann s.r.o refers to multibrand concept, it does sell also another brands. For instance: Steilmann, Stones, Apanage, Kapalua, Comma, Jones, Easy by Jones.



By being as a trainee in the company Steilmann s.r.o. I got the very spectacular chance to go deeper in fashion business. Many new interesting tasks were given to me in the sense of learning something new.
During this time I was able to practise the knowledge I have learned during my studies at MOD´SPE PARIS CE. By being one of the employees in this company I learned many new things. What is more I had a chance to understand the B2C model which is very important in the world of fashion business.



What I liked the most was the fact that I was in a heart of the company. I was able to see and listen the main principles to running a fashion business company.
My missions were different. Each of them had very valuable impact. As part of the internship, I was in charge of managing showroom samples, assisting with stores, working directly with whole team in the office with administration, monitoring the rotation of the goods and working on special creative projects such as visual merchandising. I had a chance to see many fabrics and materials, which are used while designing the clothes. One of the mission was to create the fashion lookbook too.
Moreover, I have met great collegues who made perfect atmosphere at work. I am very thankful to MOD´SPE PARIS CE and I am really looking forward to next internship next year.