My internship was completely a new experience for me. I was really curious how it will be. Basically, my internship was based in Paris in a showroom of a french fashion brand, working as an assistant of the export manager for two months: from May till July. I was helping the social media manager and the PR manager as well.



The aim of the export management of the brand is to expand into countries such Italy, Spain, Russia, Africa and Asia as the fashion brand is only located in France. There is a lot of preparation: from design to the best strategy how to enter to the new market that has a big potential.

My assignments were various – from research to meetings with the agents to assisting photo – shootings, translating and working on the future export e-shop.
The team itself, people that i was working with every day, was very nice and pleasant. My colleagues and boss were very friendly, funny and patient with me as i was trying to learn and speak french with them.
Paris as a city is amazing. I fall in love with it. Beautiful city with many options and possibilities especially in art and fashion. There is a lot of inspiration behind every corner and just walking through the streets and discovering new stores, and talking with people, got me a lot of ideas, and opened my mind ever more. Every day there is some exhibition, fashion show or some event, that is even hard to follow what everything is going on in this city. Not even to mention the amazing architecture and design of some buildings, restaurants and fashion stores.


The whole experience was enriching and helped me to figure out more clearly what i would like to do in the future and what kind of internship i would prefer for the next year.
 I learned new things, get new knowledges in some fields and improve my skills. 
Can’t wait for next year for a new challenge!


Sole Urbanova, MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe student / Internship – French Fashion Showroom / May – July 2017