Romana, (22 years, Slovakia) will also join Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe’s student crew since the autumn 2016.

“Currently still being a student, I have had opportunity to study in more than one city. I have been studying Fashion Retail Management in London since my graduation at bilingual secondary grammar school. After the 1st year of study, I decided to take in opportunity of ERASMUS program in Paris for 2 next following school terms. Each city offered me different experience not only regarding my studies, but also outside of them.

I have known Mod’Spe Paris already for some time, but when I found out about openning of new branch, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe, in Bratislava, I decided to continue my studies here, as this alternative was possible. The admissions were not a big deal. The topic of essay was interesting to me and personal interview was not stressfull at all. I evaluate the whole process very positively.

I am looking forward to new subjects, which I have not had yet and how the lectors will allign with them, to style of teaching and how will placement of such a school in Bratislava affect it.

After succesful graduation of Bachelor’s Degree, I would like to continue with Master’s Degree. I would love to employ myself as Fashion Buyer, or participate on product design of some fashion brand, even though Visual Merchandising also interests me, so maybe I will land in this field. Let’s see. 🙂

If you are still hasitating wheter to apply or be interested in more information on school, I think, the important is to realize that such a school, focused on fashion and business, as french Mod’Spe is (the first of its kind in Central Europe), is being opened in Slovakia. So why to miss its first great years of functioning?”

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