MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe admissions


The first admissions ever at history of The French Fashion Business School, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe are taking place at square Hviezdoslavovo námestie in Bratislava.

The second round of admissions started at 9:00 o’clock on the 23rd of June . They were composed of these parts: Writing the essay, Self-evaluation test, English test and Personal interview.

We are happy to have welcome 12 potential student candidates interested in our academic programs from Slovakia and Czech Republic. The rest of candidates from Russia will pass the admissions by skype also interviewed by Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe team.

The results will be published during the first week of July and the winner of scholarship on the 10th of July.
Currently, we are also eagerly working on timetable for the next term, of course with all fingers crossed for the our candidates passing the admissions.