Get to know Filip from Slovakia. He might be your future classmate. Since autumn 2016 he joins bachelor academic program at Fashion Business School in Bratislava, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe.

Could you introduce yourself and describe us your experience with fashion business and fashion itself?
I have been around in fashion for more than 11 inspiring years. After obtaining experience in television industry, TELCO segment, I started my career in the departement of fashion marketing for favourite menswear brands, OTTO BERG and OZETA and have stayed there so- far. I jumped in the fashion industry with rich experience in marketing, but modest knowledge of laws, rules and processes in fashion business. Opened eyes and ears have learned me a lot, however now it`s time for systematic education, which I believe, will enlarge perspective on my work.

Why did you decide to study at just Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
In the world of fashion, Mod’Spe Paris is is really credible and trusthworthy. Shorter distance to Bratislava instead of to Paris made my decision definite. Complex academic program, foreign experienced lectors, right combination of theory and practice are atributes, which underlined my final decision.

What about admissions? How did you manage them?
According to final results, it seems, well.

What are you looking forward mostly at Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
I don’t have any preferences. Each of offered theoretical and practical subjects has its purpose and I believe, will perfectly fit in puzzle of complex knowledge, which I will be able to use in my beloved work then.

What would you like to do after the graduation?
Exactly same, what I am doing right now.

And what about your future plans in fashion business?
Definitely, marketing. However, not from point of business goals`s view. I want fashion marketing for meanswear in Slovakia was inspirational, practical, educational and it brought joy and admiration of surroundings to men wearing it.

Is there anything, you would tell those, who still hesitate to apply for bachelor at Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
Don’t care about prejudice and worries. If you have fashion in your heart, it`s perfect. I have it either, but it isn`t enough. Fashion business has high requirements for your gained knowledge. And the role of highly experienced and skilled lectors is to provide this knowledge at courses to you.

Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe. Good luck!


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