“I have spent my second third-year semester in the University of Rhode Island. It was definitely a wonderful experience that I really wish I could do again.
The education system in the USA is very different from ours. Many homework assignments and reports are required to be done every week for each class. It involves a high level of concentration from the student and a particular organization in their work. Besides, it permits to have a constant follow-up and a true understanding of the coursework. In this University, my major was « Fashion, Design and Merchandising ». I had four main classes: Apparel Production, Apparel I, Fashion Retailing, Culture, Dress and Appearance. Each one had been very beneficial to my future career. The Apparel I class allowed me to make, to my own size, a skirt, a shirt and pants with fabrics that I wanted.


Being fully immersed in American culture is the best way to understand and share the American people way of life, their values while being able to improve English in every field. I feel lucky because I lived in the campus of the university. It permits me to be in a constant connection with this culture. I met quite a few people that were exceptionally talented in their field of study. I also participated in many daily activities organized by American and international students. In this kind of university, you will never get bored! And if I had to say something else about this experience, it would be the big open-minded heart of each American (students and teachers) and they will go further in terms of initiative and surpassing themselves.”