The first semester of the French fashion business school, MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe begins

September 13, 2016, Bratislava – The fate of fashion lies in the hands of those who live it. Those who want a peek behind the scenes of the fashion business can learn more about which trends will lead in the coming season. The fashion university MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe, the only one of its kind in Central Europe, begins its first school year, 2016-2017, on the premises of Hviezdoslavovo Square 20, in Bratislava.
Bratislava was chosen not only for its position in Central Europe, but also because of the atmosphere which prevails in the capital. “I am happy and proud that Bratislava is just the place where MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe will operate. I am convinced that Bratislava is not only a unique location in the heart of Central Europe which attracts English-speaking students, but also has a great atmosphere which is positive, friendly and accessible to them, “says Jana Lalová, Director of Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe.




The school begins its activities in September with the opening of a three-year study programme, Production manager for Fashion Marketing and Design. “The official opening of the school is on September 19, as well as in Paris,” explains Silvia Paveková, Academic Director of Mod’Spe Paris CE. She added that the school follows the French system which is essentially European, and so the academic year is divided into winter and summer semesters. “Most of the teachers are from France who cover vocational subjects. For general subjects such as graphic design, general economics, or the history of clothing, we have Slovak teachers. However, everybody teaches in English,” she explained.
In the first year, students obtain knowledge from the culture of fashion and product specialization (the history of fashion, trends in fashion, introduction to fashion design and others), followed by marketing in fashion (the principles of marketing, an overview of e-commerce, economic environment in the fashion industry and others), general theory (economics, graphic design, business English and others) and of course practical experience. The second year is dedicated to sales and distribution (an overview of distribution channels, promotion and brand management, quantitative management skills as well.).




Interest in the program has been expressed by fashion enthusiasts not only upon graduation from secondary school, but also upon completion of university. Therefore, the average age of students is between 19-40 years. The students are mainly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also come from Nigeria, Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates.
Students accepted into the program have to pass an entrance examination which simultaneously screens their language skills, personality and provides a general overview.
One of them is 19-year-old Petra Špaková who can boast of a scholarship to this prestigious fashion school. Her project, “Paris in Bratislava” won and secured her future for the next three years. The fashion world has always attracted her and this is why it was an easy decision to fill-out the college application. “I decided to send the application for a number of reasons. The prestigious location of the school, obtaining a French diploma, work placements, the previous achievements of its graduates and their quick employment in the best fashion companies. Moreover, it is at an international level. “




In addition to theory, students will have required practical training where they will choose which direction they want to go in the field. Professional practical training lasts from 2-4 months in each year of the program. “Our subjects are dedicated to fashion and design, but the greatest emphasis will be placed on marketing and management. This is its specificity. Of course, they must know as much as possible about the fashion world and applying it during their practical training would be best for them, “ states Silvia Paveková. Simply put, education is associated with practical experience.
Studying at the fashion school is unique in that it builds on the principles of a dual education. “The knowledge gained from the fashion industry will allow them to test for themselves the leading brand names in fashion companies with whom the school closely cooperates with”, says Fabrice Raoul, coordinator of interstate internships for Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe. “MOD’SPE Paris develops talents, professional skills for marketing and sales strategies, purchasing and communication in fashion and design with the help of industry experts,” adds Daniel Wertel, director and founder of MOD’SPE Paris and the first vice president of the French Federation of prêt à porter (ready-to-wear) women’s clothing.


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“Education is the basis for the continued success of each individual”

“I wish MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe, a newly established branch in Slovak capital Bratislava, to by home of successful students who have not only talent, but especially with a big dream to be part of the fashion business. To achieve and obtain professional certificate from the prestigious MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe is needed perseverance, desire and strong will. In the long exposure in the fashion industry, not only as a fashion designer, but also an entrepreneur, I know that there is still a lack of specialists, particularly in the area of traditional, fully fledged European education in the fashion business and marketing. I believe that education is the basis for the continued success of each individual and just graduated from the Parisian university based in our capital city, will bring us professionals in fashion and other real experts. I wish that fashion in our country is not just an illusion, but a way to do to what you love and be successful in the fashion business at the same time.”

ROZBORA COUTURE is a fashion brand with originality, feminine elegance and high quality. Creative director of the family brand is an internationally recognized professional designer Richard Rozbora BA (Hons). 15 years ago successfully he graduated from the prestigious University of the Arts ST.MARTIN’S CENTRAL LONDON. The fashion designer has received numerous international awards, as well as job opportunities abroad. His models are designed for the modern, active, confident and independent women. Highlight the refined elegance of pure urban style with the philosophy of Slow Fashion. Models from his collection are wearable, comfortable, with possibility of combining and mixing in outfits. The current collection is characterized by clean lines, with attention to detail. The latest collection for 2017 is made of high-quality materials such as polished wool, knitted from 100% Merino wool, silk, lace and lurex.

Richard Rozbora, Fashion Designer

Autor foto: Robert Rozbora

She impressed jury and won!

Petra, the winner of scholarschip at MOD’SPE PARIS CE has revealed why she decided to participate and strive for the fashion and business excellence to win. She succeded and her story will soon become the part of our school’s history. Let’s read interview how it all started.

So Petra, tell us more about yourself. Where did you study, where are you from…?
To introduce myself, my name is Petra Spakova and I am 19 years old. I came from a fairly small village in the eastern part of Slovakia. After finishing my mandatory education in primary school , I succesfully graduated from the high school this year.
Alongside regular education, I attended additional English and German classes which I finished by passing the language certificates. In addition, I gained a diploma from Art School after 11 years of study. In general , I perceive myself as an active person having many hobbies and interests.

Why did you choose MOD’SPE PARIS CE ?
There were many facts which pushed me to submit an application – its history, location, previous achievements and high quality. I love the fact that school is internationl. I believe that all these school’s strenghts will help me to get closer to my future plans and dreams.

Your project impressed jury. Where did its idea come from?

The topic Paris in Bratislava was perfect! It was not easy as I thought at the beginning. I immediately started to think about it. I had many ideas, but I was not pretty sure, which one to pick up to keep the jury on my side. I followed my heart and simply put my first idea on the paper.
Many positive and negative things are happenning in the world at the moment. The nationalities can collaborate together and create something nice and spectacular. Good vibes from both sides (Bratislava – Paris) have glued together. I thought to give it a final touch by using 3 colours of the French and the Slovak flag could have been a good idea. Logo and the final product of my project was born and it seemed to be right step.

What are you looking forward at MOD’SPE PARIS CE mostly ?
I would love to get closer to the world of fashion, new challenges and get to know new school mates. I had the great time on the day of my first interview. Studying might not be always easy, but for me, it is the perfect opportunity how to see new places, reach and overcome my own limits. I can`t wait facing the new experience I was always dreaming about.

What would you like to do after graduation?

I would like to stay in the fashion industry. I am sure, there are a lot of job opportunities, where I can use my education and acquired skills. At the moment, I would love to become fashion buyer.


What would you like to achieve in your life?
At the moment I feel that I am living my dream. Being accepted to the bachelor studying program means to me a lot. I am very thankful that I decided to take a chance to study what I like and that I can follow my dreams. I would love to always stay positive, believe in my ideas, to create nice things and be grateful for every opportunity which given to me.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion influences my life every day. I can express my feelings, ideas and my personality through i. It is something what I am deeply passionate about. Fashion is personal, valuable, innovative and simply arty. According to these facts, it is an unique way to say who we are without having to speak. It may bring people, interests and ideas together. It is a part of my life, it is a part of me.

What kind of fashion style do you prefer?
I love simplicity with a pinch of extravagance. However, the most important factors are my mood and my personal feelings. The way I feel, the way I dress. Combining new fashion trends with old-style pieces can create quite fashionable look for example. Stylish, chic, and trendy. That is how I love to dress and to be dressed.

And what does inspire you?
The fashion fantasy and the creativity without any borders.

Meet MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe team at CPM in Moscow

From 31st August to 3rd September, 2016 the Russian metropolis will host the Leading Fashion Trade Show in Central Europe – CPM (Collection Premiere Moscow). 45,000m² of the Expocentre fair grounds serve as exhibition space for under 950 international fashion brands!

Come to meet us on our usual booth exclusively used with the Fédération Française du Prêt-à-Porter Féminin #8.2 C11 and find out more about our school, programs and application requirements.

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Collection Premiere Moscow
31/8 – 3/9/2016
Wednesday to Friday, 10am – 6pm
Saturday, 10am – 4pm
Expocentre Moscow
Krasnopresnenskaya Nab. 14,

And the winner is…? The best one!

We recieved really nice projects. To choose was not easy. Not at all. Let’s have a look how we managed.

We were surprised with the big number of projects competing for 3-years long scholarship. Petra Spakova from Harichovce became the winner of our creative contest “Paris in Bratislava”. She designed really nice logo using colours of slovak and french national flags.

What were the main criteria for project’s evaluation?

The complexity of the project. From preparation to realization. From creation to final product. Creativity, originality and mostly fitting to the topic.

What was deciding factor to choose the winner?
The precise making of project into pdf format and product’s realization in real life. The finalist sent us picture with designed logo and also T-shirt. We really liked her idea to connect the main symbols both cities and colours. Simple, clear lineas expressing the core of the assigment.

Maria Sole Urbanová created funny video about french influence on slovak clothing.
Brigita Teplánová surprised us with funny adaptation and great idea with hats.
Kristina Vančová sent us pretty cool and creative video.

Rebeka Monhartová designed collection for women, in which she combined original slovak dress with spirit of french fashion. She says: “We really enjoyed your it! The way of your brainstorming and comparing the cities was amazing! It was full of nice ideas, with the sense of humor, pure and clean lines, straightly pointing the culture of both cities.”

Benedikta Biroščáková says: “We really enjoyed your idea and smooth way of bringing Paris to Bratislava by art! Your project is full of nice ideas, with the great sense of harmony, passion for fine art and luxury. It is lovely done with the respect of cultures. Moreover, we like the idea of your show and the place you pick up for it.”

“I would love to become Fashion Buyer…”

Romana, (22 years, Slovakia) will also join Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe’s student crew since the autumn 2016.

“Currently still being a student, I have had opportunity to study in more than one city. I have been studying Fashion Retail Management in London since my graduation at bilingual secondary grammar school. After the 1st year of study, I decided to take in opportunity of ERASMUS program in Paris for 2 next following school terms. Each city offered me different experience not only regarding my studies, but also outside of them.

I have known Mod’Spe Paris already for some time, but when I found out about openning of new branch, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe, in Bratislava, I decided to continue my studies here, as this alternative was possible. The admissions were not a big deal. The topic of essay was interesting to me and personal interview was not stressfull at all. I evaluate the whole process very positively.

I am looking forward to new subjects, which I have not had yet and how the lectors will allign with them, to style of teaching and how will placement of such a school in Bratislava affect it.

After succesful graduation of Bachelor’s Degree, I would like to continue with Master’s Degree. I would love to employ myself as Fashion Buyer, or participate on product design of some fashion brand, even though Visual Merchandising also interests me, so maybe I will land in this field. Let’s see. 🙂

If you are still hasitating wheter to apply or be interested in more information on school, I think, the important is to realize that such a school, focused on fashion and business, as french Mod’Spe is (the first of its kind in Central Europe), is being opened in Slovakia. So why to miss its first great years of functioning?”

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Crucial date! Admissions at MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe

MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe admissions


The first admissions ever at history of The French Fashion Business School, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe are taking place at square Hviezdoslavovo námestie in Bratislava.

The second round of admissions started at 9:00 o’clock on the 23rd of June . They were composed of these parts: Writing the essay, Self-evaluation test, English test and Personal interview.

We are happy to have welcome 12 potential student candidates interested in our academic programs from Slovakia and Czech Republic. The rest of candidates from Russia will pass the admissions by skype also interviewed by Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe team.

The results will be published during the first week of July and the winner of scholarship on the 10th of July.
Currently, we are also eagerly working on timetable for the next term, of course with all fingers crossed for the our candidates passing the admissions.

INTERVIEW WITH FILIP: Marketing enthusiast with passion for fashion

Get to know Filip from Slovakia. He might be your future classmate. Since autumn 2016 he joins bachelor academic program at Fashion Business School in Bratislava, Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe.

Could you introduce yourself and describe us your experience with fashion business and fashion itself?
I have been around in fashion for more than 11 inspiring years. After obtaining experience in television industry, TELCO segment, I started my career in the departement of fashion marketing for favourite menswear brands, OTTO BERG and OZETA and have stayed there so- far. I jumped in the fashion industry with rich experience in marketing, but modest knowledge of laws, rules and processes in fashion business. Opened eyes and ears have learned me a lot, however now it`s time for systematic education, which I believe, will enlarge perspective on my work.

Why did you decide to study at just Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
In the world of fashion, Mod’Spe Paris is is really credible and trusthworthy. Shorter distance to Bratislava instead of to Paris made my decision definite. Complex academic program, foreign experienced lectors, right combination of theory and practice are atributes, which underlined my final decision.

What about admissions? How did you manage them?
According to final results, it seems, well.

What are you looking forward mostly at Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
I don’t have any preferences. Each of offered theoretical and practical subjects has its purpose and I believe, will perfectly fit in puzzle of complex knowledge, which I will be able to use in my beloved work then.

What would you like to do after the graduation?
Exactly same, what I am doing right now.

And what about your future plans in fashion business?
Definitely, marketing. However, not from point of business goals`s view. I want fashion marketing for meanswear in Slovakia was inspirational, practical, educational and it brought joy and admiration of surroundings to men wearing it.

Is there anything, you would tell those, who still hesitate to apply for bachelor at Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe?
Don’t care about prejudice and worries. If you have fashion in your heart, it`s perfect. I have it either, but it isn`t enough. Fashion business has high requirements for your gained knowledge. And the role of highly experienced and skilled lectors is to provide this knowledge at courses to you.

Mod’Spe Paris Central Europe. Good luck!


Learn more about opportunities of our school and how to apply HERE.

Win 3-year program at MOD'SPE PARIS Central Europe

Win 3-year bachelor program at MOD’SPE PARIS Central Europe

Is Fashion your Passion?

Are you dreaming about career in the fashion field? Then do not hesitate and join our unique project! Win 3-year “Fashion Product Manager” bachelor program at the Fashion Business School MOD’SPE PARIS Central Europe!

To have a chance to win for free this awesome price, send us your creative project in electronic form to Our professional jury will pick up the one who will get sponsorship for the study.

Paris in Bratislava
20 June 2016

Student fair "Career and Education" - MOD'SPE Paris Central Europe

International fair “Education and Career” in Moscow

Since 1994 the International Fair “Education and Career” has been held twice a year in Moscow. “Education and Career” is a widely acknowledged, respected and largest event in educational life of Russia, which is attended by students, language teachers, study abroad/travel agents, educational advisers, journalists and officials.

MOD’SPE Paris Central Europe will provide students with more information during this fair.

March 3-4, 2016
Moscow, Central Manege, Manezhnaya square, 1
Stand I5

More information and free tickets

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